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Determinism and Free Will…they Both Exist!

Determinism and Free Will   Life is itself, an illusion. Those things that make up that illusion, are illusions in themselves. We all live in our little bubbles. Free will exists as an illusion of choice, and determinism is the devil’s tool of testing. You can fight the testing by making a choice, or you …

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Awareness is What Everyone Needs

— Awareness is What Everyone Needs —   I thought this was a good awareness video, cause I didn’t find anything repulsive in it… usually they say something, that I strongly disagree with. Awareness encapsulates our thoughts, sometimes badly, and sometimes with a mastery. If we let our thoughts develop naturally, when it reaches the …

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Banking vs Central Banking

— Banking vs Central Banking —  When I mention banking in my rants, I’m talking of central banking, and not independent bankers. The independent bankers are supposed to be a benefit to the community, which is maintainable cause it gives to the community, and each other sustains each other.   The central banks is a …

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