Banking vs Central Banking

— Banking vs Central Banking —

 When I mention banking in my rants, I’m talking of central banking, and not independent bankers.

The independent bankers are supposed to be a benefit to the community, which is maintainable cause it gives to the community, and each other sustains each other.


The central banks is a different breed of banks, they’re more focused on the global dominance of the economy, which can bleed into the independent bankers too, cause the “love of money is the root of all evil”, a well known phrase from the bible.



Money is not evil, it’s the love of money that is capable of evil. The one thing that takes control of your body and makes you do what you want and don’t want.
Love, leads you to the water and fire, in my book. Love refreshes you, or burns you. Love has the danger to idolize too, where you distort and equate it with a deity, but in reality it’s as mysterious as a deity, but its an action. It’s a noun and a verb, and in some circumstances an adjective and an adverb. I don’t know what it is, as the rest of you don’t. You know how to say it, but you understand, only the most basic definitions of love.

The European Central Bank is in charge of the Euro zone, or I should say making it worse. You give someone more money, that makes the problem worse. You don’t understand the problem in the first place, more money thrown into the mix, doesn’t solve the problem… taking corruption out of the mix would solve the problem. Old oil kills engines.



I want to expound on the differences and cycles on banking and not get into this tangent of love, cause it’ll turn into another long boring rant. Just know, if I say banking, I’m referring to Central Banking, cause central banking funds all the sides of the wars around the world. War is big business. War is a Racket!



Independent bankers are the members of the central bankers, but those members can survive on their own once they cut their bonds from the central banks. It’s like a USB hub for data, all the peripherals will survive, the rate of transfers will decline and you have to do more work to keep up the data transfers, meaning you will have unplug and replug. Mankind has been getting lazy with all this wealth being taken and hoarded, and it’s time for you to work.

The reason I went into the lecture of love, cause once they separate from the central banks, they need to recognize even the most pure individual of the banking industry has the danger of sinning. We need to forgive first, but we need to discipline to with love, as a healthy family would, there are families that is filled with abuse and discipline with anger and hatred too, I’m not talking of those families.

Families that nurture love is what I’m talking about, the banking industry is like the treasury president of the school govt, they collect the money, they should be a machine for counting only the logical aspects of money.

Emotions raise distortions, and transform money into a fire of power, so love is the seed of evil too… I got sidetracked with love… it’s as dangerous as death itself.

Song of Solomon 8:6

“Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave , It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.”

I don’t want to bore you with scripture, but very wise men followed religion in those days, and their words were maintained in religious writings, so God is a very wise move in my opinion, not with the understanding of back then, cause religions could be compared to central banks too. The wisdom is the monetary data, and throughout history there has been major distortions/corruptions with the religious history with inquisitions and the crusades, and numerous other events, but it would take us off on another tangent.

Just watch this:



I just know I feel a crash coming, I felt the 2008 crash coming with crash of the real estate bubble and the bogus mortgage loans being distributed to people who couldn’t pay it back.

I don’t want to swell my ego, because I hear God, and God told me about the first one, but God said the second one would be bigger on a global scale, and I learned that I don’t doubt God.

Unless God says otherwise, my assumptions are lies… I can’t imagine of what will happen, but I know it will, you just have to watch for the signs.

God isn’t causing it, you are.

God is very different to me, I see God as a collective of heavenly beings, a spirit of power, both good and evil. It’s murder to discern between the two, I’ve been killed more times than I like, but I still wake up everyday.

Much to my chagrin…or joy…depends on my circumstances that day.