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Space Aliens Walk Amongst Us : UFOs

— Space Aliens Walk Amongst Us : UFOs —   The space aliens are very close to my heart and mind, cause I’ve witnessed first hand my encounters with aliens/UFOs. There are other credible people with USAF, NASA, and a Canadian Minister of Defense, that spoke out on the space aliens of what they know …

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Men In Black – Russian Documentary

— Men In Black – Russian Documentary —     Medvedev the Russian Prime Minister spoke to the Press, saying more info is in the Men in Black. The Russian documentary, and not the U.S. Comedy, Men in Black. The Russians are coming with truth, the US is still in denial. The Russians are saying …

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Petri Dishes : Social Networks

petri dishes

— Petri Dishes : Social Networks —   A conglomerate of Corporations , made the Petri dishes equal to the social networks. To study how they can manipulate the public by planting dramas. See how they can spread the rumors, or can be conned into trusting what the social networks were trending, whether scams or …

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Space Alien

— Space Alien —   Whether a space alien or a delusion in the sky, it brings that we are not alone to the forefront of our minds. I did a reenactment of my first UFO experience, I was a junior in high school and we cut out of rehearsals for some dramatic play, I …

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