Stock Prices the Mice that Roar

— Stock Prices the Mice that Roar —



With in the last week’s news of the stock market, and the obsession with money in an unrealistic importance, a delusional occupation of the minds of power, I wonder if Ron Paul and all the other financial prophets/profits are right.

2008 was just an appetizer for the chaos that’s coming, cause what’s coming, is on a global scale, rather than a regional one. I’m already in the hole, but I continue to buy stock, in hopes that it will recover. I continue to believe in humanity too.


I usually stay away from stocks for the reason of drops in stock market prices this last week, with the prophets/profits of doom such as Ron Paul, and a host of other naysayers, with the recent price drops, I tend to think its true, what they say.

I voted for Ron Paul as a write in, during the 2012 elections, cause he had the most realistic foreign policy, mainly we don’t involve our say in how foreign govts should do business, it’s not your business… and now that NYSE is global, it’s a mute point that we seek silence for all.

So I’m left with the understanding of the stock market… no matter how much of a game, that I see it as.

It serves a purpose, at least I think it does, in rewarding good and giving punishment to bad, without sweeping it under the rug from the public eye.

I bought stock last week, about 50 shares of Micron(MU) for their work with Intel on the 3D NAND chip architecture, going vertical instead of linear, and maintaining a larger share of memory to work with games and any processor intensive application, not just games. It depends on the price of the chip, cause it does require more work to make them, but just a repetitious work that could be done with a machine. The machines are spendy though

After I bought the stock, it quickly dropped into like a mini crash, and hovered at plus or minus $14, and I bought it at $15. I still believe in investing in capable inventions, and not scams, which has been the case with the modern stock market debacles. Where profits are the focal point, and corruptions are quickly swept under the rug… but it continues the same road. They just put up new signs… that no one follows.


I still believe in the investing aspect, as a sign of the promise of humanity’s aspect of humankind’s kindness.

It just needs a lot of maintenance with weeding out of the weeds in the garden of finances. Corruptions are the biggest weeds, it multiplies the more they get away with it, until the spread is more than they could handle, and now you want to cover the weeds with weed fabric, and they live in the dark soil, to spring up again when the times seem right.

You’ve got to rid them out of the investing soil, and run a tight ship with no leaks… I can dream.

It would be nice that the corrupting ones weren’t in power already, and they make the laws that lets in the more corrupting ones, misery loves company or so they say.

To each his own, it’s a mess when the corrupting ones want’s our company… the honest and pure, with a touch of sinfulness, cause we are alive on this planet, it’s a world of sins/errors/mistakes.

It would be nice, if there were no errors to set us back, but I wake every morning from my dreams,… it never ends it seems.