Take the Trash Out

— Take the Trash Out of the Streets —


I broke my leg, from falling in the shower off the wall mounted bench, I’m a paraplegic and don’t have any muscle to stand, so from 2ft straight down to a cold tiled floor, was a shock for me and my legs. When I crawled out of the shower cursing at the top of my lungs, I witnessed it was broken. I broke the tibia just under the knee.

Well, that’s my stink… now for the other stinks besides this upcoming election candidates. Who can be a bigger ass, both democrats and the republicans, the democrats are the asses for their mascots, but the weight of the elephants give more weight to the asshood of politics.




I guess everyone has its moments of stink, my friends whose in Beirut, or a region north of it, this supposed to be started earlier this Summer, and it’s supposed to be cleaned up.

They don’t even have a right to clean energy, for electricity to be 24/7. They are constantly looking for fuel for their generators to supply their electricity.

This stink I’ve been a witness to by an incomplete media, rather than on the ground living it, and then it was darkened by the Syrian children drowned on the beach, and the migration to Europe by all the African and Middle Eastern country’s refugees seeking a better life than the war torn existence, that fills their lives now.

The refugee problem migrating to Europe, with mass migration to countries that are not war torn and enjoy the benefits of good reward. Some seek a better life, but some seek comfort with a more parasitic lifestyle, and the EU is adjusting to the saving of itself.



I can’t relate to the pain of refugee status, I want to be a refugee… it depends on who takes office for the presidency. The president who vowed to relieve the debt, and instead tripled the debt, and on to quadrupling it, by making more money.


I‘m left with trying to understand the US becoming an isolationist country, with Trump voicing building a wall the whole border with Mexico. All this mess with seeking solutions with backward thinking, which is just as dangerous as forward thinking.  The taller the wall means the farther you fall, it doesn’t mean that they won’t try, how about blowing up the wall.

Walls bring division, gates bring organization and order.

Well whatever the world turns to, I hope there will be hope in the end, not people vying for power, it offers no hope. It reminds me of child’s game King of Hill.

There are no winners, just a constant change of leaders… all losers in my views.