Social Media’s Spying …old news

— Social Media’s Spying …old news, over and over again —


We need it to sink in, the power grabs by the corporations with their manipulations of the Govt power over the people. They take the power over the people, and manipulate them from their stupid commercials making the public stupid with their repeated rhetoric over and over again.



It’s a shame that the public is being manipulated with targeted advertising, like a shooting gallery, you travel along like a line of ducks in a shooting gallery, and they pitch you buy lines, which are the shots of gun. When they hit, you fold on the consumer chain.

Whether it’s a force by algorithms or interests, it’s a force which originates in your being, it’s the classic manipulations of a consumer agenda, and not your free will.

It’s the waves of society that manipulate you. It’s the classic shopping makes you happy… the only thing the products that last until you need to buy again. They fill up the landfills and you buy another replacement, to get in line to fill up the landfill again by the time of the next fail.




The apps you load on the phones especially android phones, they want more permissions than they need or have right to access for the services they give. There are apps that someone created, that modifies permissions, or just give you the illusions they give you power over the other apps. That’s why I won’t get a smartphone.

I’m making myself more dumber with a laptop.

Well, I’ve made myself more dumber writhing this piece. With the thirst for info at an all time high, how much info do they want to know about you. I’ll give them what they want to know, but I’ll be in charge of what to feed them. With their algorithms, they’ll make conjectures and assumptions, which maybe true or not… I’ll leave it to them to decide.

I’ll just pray to God, give them what they deserve.

“Lies are like cockroaches, for every one you discover there are many more that are hidden.”
Gary Hopkins