UPS and Paypal

— UPS and Paypal aren’t synched to each other —


UPS and Paypal’s lack of synchronicity, there is a noticeable delay which causes errors to the public. In a fast paced world, which is what it is today, and the errors in communications is like a traffic jam, with abandoned cars are the main reason for the jam itself.

The abandoned cars are the deniable factors of the communications. I’m not willing to blame the corporations in haste, but the corporations are willing to judge me for services that I didn’t receive, but charged me for it. …$13.50.

So, I’m out $13.50, but UPS and Paypal have that, and continue to deny it, making me feel like I’m an idiot, cause I want it. It was in my bank account before they took it out, but I wasn’t robbed.

I wonder how many bucks were robbed in the same way, all the $13.50s that were lost in the errors of communications, not a major number and no need for concern. It adds up, if the errors are going to the same place, there are over 7 billion people on this planet, that means if each person was to give a dollar that means $7 Billion , and what about $10, I calculate $70 billion.

The people give up their rights, cause it’s not worth the effort.

I tried to deal with them directly through a computer, which is where the errors occurred are, and those errors came into my life… much like the pollution leaking from a factory, it’s not leaking into the factory, so it goes by unnoticeable to them.

When Corporations don’t synch their practices together, it causes a mesh of troubles, that leak out into the public. The corporations are intact in their own minds, but the public is left picking up the messes that were left.

This blog is where I vent off my steam, so I don’t blow with an explosion. I may be part of the mess cause of my haste, but I didn’t deny it exists… the core of the problems is with UPS and Paypal… and the Internet.

Denying it exists is not going to solve the problem, making it tiring to solve the problem, makes you a crook, where I’m out of the price of nothing $13.50, and you gain from it. I’m just stating the facts from my experiences with UPS and Paypal, which started on May 26th, and today is 25th of June, I could display our communications with emails, but I went by the notifications from Papal and UPS as true, and it turned out not to be. It would be hard to live it again.

With computers which are automated and don’t require people, the crookedness of corruptions grow exponentially if go unchecked. Which has happened in my opinion. I don’t know what’s going on in my head anymore. I need a break from this world.

UFO’s come and rescue me… even the unknown is a vacation for me.


This post was sparked by this email notification by Paypal:

Seller’s Name: UPS
Seller’s Email:
Seller’s Transaction ID: 92E44809XK563444F

Transaction Date: May 28, 2015
Transaction Amount: -$13.50 USD
Invoice ID: 295514B3807
PWARJV53H1AH4Z6G    US001509481
Your Transaction ID: 07G522118V882621J
Case Number: PP-003-967-765-198

Buyer’s Transaction ID: 07G522118V882621J

Because your seller has not yet responded, you should consider escalating
to a claim soon to ensure that your case remains eligible for PayPal
review. By escalating to a claim, you are asking PayPal to review the case
and decide the outcome.

We will assume that the dispute is resolved and will automatically close it
unless you log in to the Resolution Center and escalate it before
6/28/2015. A closed dispute cannot be reopened or escalated to a PayPal

Thank you,