Social Media : what’s it doing to us?

— Social Media : What’s it doing to us? —

 Social Media is what’s happening on the local scene, making us more narcissistic, with drama updates on FB, or Google+.

Or you can start a blog like me, which made me more narcissistic then I ever thought I could be.

— Margaret Lutze


I feel like I’m trapped in a narcissistic web of self importance, seeking recognition for living a sad life… though it’s a good life too, but people thrive off of drama.

“I thought narcissism was about self-love till someone told me there is a flip side to it. . . . It is unrequited self-love.” ~ Emily Levine


Narcissus drowned in the river remember, so it is unrequited self love. Self love is the litter that infects the social scene, its dramas and melodramas are the things discarded and left in the paths as garbage/trash. Pick up your trash, and figure it out on your own or seek someone that will help you figure it out, maybe that’s the way to figure it out.
Wait for someone to comment on your self drama, and complete you with resolution to the drama.

I’m having my own drama right now, and I’m looking at my own image right now, and looking back over the last 50 years of my life, I hope I don’t fall into the river of life and drown with my narcissism.

I’ve always been good swimmer, but there is always something unexpected on the river of life, and I no longer have the agility of youth mentally or physically, so I could end up drowning.

Well, I want to wish safe journeys to all of you who have the risk of adventure in your diet. This was to inspire in you thoughtful meditations on how to be a better person in this life, maybe it did or maybe it did not.

Safe Journeys!!! 🙂