The Geopolitics of World War III

 — The Geopolitics of World War III —

This video from StormCloudsGathering talks of the massive deceptions that is going on now on the world stage. It’s like a play that has lines to say, it’s all a script of the illusion of life.

It talked of the popularity of the petrodollar, and if you watched the wars and the removal of dictators, they were behind the selling oil for euros, or gold dinars. We invaded them and now China is bringing down the dollar as a buying power.

The petrodollar is dead… RIP

Stop the murders of war, cause all wars is legal murders.

It gives you a badge for murder, the badge is patriotism. What’s that movie that said “We don’t need no stinkin badges“.

I looked, in fact a couple of movies has the “Stinkin Badges” line in it, but The Treasure of the Sierra Madre was the first one, every movie is just parodying it.

Break from the rant, with some trivia, but we don’t need no stinkin wars to murder, we do that on our own the legal way through the stock market and banks. Rating everyone that has a price tag attached to their soul, you just buy a commodity, that’s to be disposed when it serves its purpose.

This is just a rant with no direction or point to it, it is pissing me off with that vertical scroll bar being taken away, with the WordPress upgrade. When you upgrade something you’re supposed to improve it, not downsize it.

I’m just ranting here, somebody pisses me off I go into a rage picking apart what pisses me off, but thanks to WordPress for giving me the tools to rant in my narcissistic rage, at least.

Well things I don’t like about the world,

  • #1) is war for profit,
    #2) poverty,
    #3) Forced education
    #4) Massive programming of the population through tools like the TV and social media
    #5) Treating the population as ignorant fools with commercials, the commercials will serve a purpose of informing the public, as a searchable library like google, it only displays the truth on the subject. Well google has a long way to go with that, but rather than being forced fed the advertisements, it would do us both good; if you informed what trash is in your products, rather than saying, it’s good for you.
    #6) Fractional Reserve Banking with the ability to cash out more debt at will, to those who need it. If you don’t have the money, you’re just writing bad checks to loan out at a interest that you determine. I think the federal govt isn’t charging interest to the banks, I might be wrong about that, it changes everyday.

There is a lot more that pisses me off about the world, but I need to go to bed, and not get any more madder. The thievery and trickery in the world is enough to piss anyone off, not to mention of the murderers and terrorists, that are the topping on the cake of corruptions of the political mess that the world has made. Thank you I will eat no cake at this time, I’m going to bed…and hopefully will have a wet dream.

I lost track when the last wet dream I had, it was back in the 80’s or 90’s…my memory retention is as bad as an Alzheimer’s patient.

So be it, a Good Night to All !
Wet or Dry