State of the Union : The Fight Club

— State of the Union : The Fight Club —


I watched the whole speech, but it was just a rehash of the things said before, and the jobs created are one of the highest on record. I wondered about that. What jobs are created?

What’s the pay of those jobs, are they high paying jobs? Can they support a large family without struggling for their next meal? Are they government jobs? The most welfare state jobs, created for the sake of making a point, but doing nothing, but beating a clock.

Obamacare may be the reason of the job growth, but the care has gone down. Healing comes from the heart of the medical establishment, and I for one saw it degrade with administrative bureaucracies. While we are waiting for the administrative headaches to calm themselves down, the patients are the ones suffering.

We’ve seen it in VA administration’s healthcare with patients waiting months to see a doctor, in fact many of them died in waiting. It was the worst scandal of the VA healthcare, though I’ve seen it for the last 38 years. I’m not bad mouthing doctors and nurses, but I question their care, when they are concerned about the paperwork as the priority. Fill out these forms, over and over, and then they lose them.

Duplicate everything.

“Hurry up and wait” is the motto of the patients.


His boasting of killing the terrorists, is terrorism at work. Nobody calls him a terrorist though. Drones were the weapons of the terrorist, and he started them, or Bush started them, he just took it over. We want to destroy daesh(ISIS). If we become like them, then what changes?

The standing ovations need to be calmed down from the state of the union speeches, they only prosper the political point. It’s all showmanship. Trump would be right at home. Trump would get in office, and he would fire at will those who don’t follow his will. Impeach him.

I just blew off steam, listening to the same old rhetoric, that every president said since I was born. We got to create jobs, we have to stave off unemployment rates, and we have to get our economy working again.

We have to be happy free people again, what I would rather be. In fact, I’ve neither been happy and free, except the first part of my life. In fact I was always at war within myself, I just didn’t know it at first… I was ignorant and happy.

Knowledge increases suffering, because the more you know, the more you’re accountable.

Ignorance is bliss for the proud and foolish. Awakening is remorseful at best. It awakens you to the wrongs, and how to change your ways, but it’s easy to be ignorant and blissful instead.


I‘m at my wit’s end on this one election, neither candidate is sure of the course. It’s like electing the blind to lead the blind. The proudest blind man will become president, and he will lead the ignorant into a ditch that they can’t climb out of.

Then there will be a new revolution. A silent revolution without weapons, men and women will join forces to make sense out of this mess of a situation. Leaders will be followers, teachers become servants, doctors become patients, and just all around people will live within their means and be happy.

This is a strong state of the union speech.

Heaven on Earth… it should’ve been that way, since the beginning of time.