MOTH : Matters of the Heart to Me – 2

— MOTH : Matters of the Heart to Me – 2 —


The Matters of the Heart to me is the MOTH, and it entails all the ups and downs of life. The positives that will lead to the negativity eventually. It’s critical thinking taken to the extremes.

It’s about life in general, and the things are broad in scope. Also, it’s like looking through a fish eye lens, meaning with a wide angle view. It encapsulates everything that’s in front of you.

Everything in your life, at the same time.

Lustful feelings, and puritan feelings too. Prideful feelings, and humble feelings too. Every part of life, both negative and positive. The Yin and Yang Chinese philosophy that Taoist religions practice, was the first I heard about it. When I studied religions in college during the early 80’s. I always thought I would get along with other Hindus, but then I found I was bonding with the Taoists.

I was bonding with every religion before they started distorting their religious messages with formalities and dogmas. It was quenching the spirit out of the messages… and making it a wasteful cross for me to carry. Since we’re all going to die anyway, no sense making a life, a waste of time.



Matters of the Heart

The MOTH was born in that frame of mind. Meaning God created the moth in the beginning, but it could be compared to rust, destruction, worrying, etc.. It’s a negative principle.

Though there is a little white spot in the that darknessmoth vs zen. It offers hope to see their wrongs, just like the white side there is a little black dot, that evens out the imbalance that we all have.

The positive side, it is being always in your heart to remind you of what’s important in your life.


The Matters of the Heart that we all worry about, eats away at our brains. It destroy our lives from the constant worries. We have to accept it, as it is. The more we worry, the more stress we create within ourselves. We just have to do what’s right. The best that we can.

Worries only begets more worries. Faith is the freedom from those worries, well not freedom from the worries, but only one step from worries.

Though you go into the unknown. Where new worries will form. You need to shine the light of righteousness to see the path in front of you, to take your next step.

There is a world in front of you full of unknowns. A righteous path is the sure path to heaven. Forgiveness is a part of that righteous path. Though the path is filled with tempting vengeful acts, it needs to be forgiven, if you want freedom from destruction. Forgiveness is the key to the locked doors of love.



Teachings of Forgiveness

Like Jesus said about forgiveness:

“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven”

Don’t fall into the trap of self righteousness, just because you see it as wrong, they might not have the knowledge to see it that way too. They need to grow to see that, you have grown to see that. Unless you are able to articulate what you see as wrong, then you stir the pot of anger. Sometimes you need to stir the pot of anger, under the heat of love and care. Under the heat of anger, will only cause more anger between you two.

Forgiveness is a virtue to master or not master. You need to surrender your anger to forgiveness. Get the vengeance out of your heart, and to be no more in you. I find, that is the sure way to freedom. Not locked up to the walls, that we build with our anger in the chains of vengeance.

We imprison our hearts with unfulfilled vengeance, but forgiveness melts those chains. Truth is surely known after forgiveness is made manifest. Forgiveness is a hard thing to do. It lifts the weight of vengeance off of you with the melting of the chains. Your love will shine on the actions of the wrongs, that you have felt in the eyes of the perpetrators.

They see their wrongs, and repent or not repent, but you’ve done your part. You are no longer imprisoned with the hungers of vengeance. You are free to live you life. The one you had forgiven is carrying your chains of vengeance. You are no longer burdened with those chains.



Conclusion of the MOTH

I could go on and on endlessly about the matters of the heart, cause it’s about everything in our lives. Mostly the negative things that cause the worryings, but the positive things can lead to the negative things. You have to admit that you’re in the wrongs, if you are ever to get out of it.

Like an alcoholic needs to see he/she has a problem with alcohol, if they are ever to change. They have to admit they have a problem, or they will angrily deny it, and go further and further into darkness. Until they can’t find their way home anymore.

Home, being a place of clarity, where they don’t abuse the alcohol.

Drink is made for celebration, not drunkenness. It requires discipline to drink responsibly.

I drink till I get a buzz, and stop. If I take anymore, I feel even worse in the morning. When you feel a buzz and stop drinking, it’s therapeutic, and you feel refreshed. When you drink into drunkenness, it’s destructive to your soul.

Don’t drink into stupor, and be sad and judgmental.

Toast to life, and be happy…