Paranoia gone Wild

— Paranoia gone Wild here in Montana —



 Here’s the real Walmart today… you don’t see a watchtower, but the lightposts do have a sign that says there are “security cameras in use


Walmart whole Building

Walmart whole Building

Walmart Lightpost Sign

Walmart Light post Sign



With Jade Helm to go on in the southern States this summer, I’m beginning to think we are all going crazy with paranoid thoughts, with conjectures being thrown out as true, embellished to spread fear.

You can read another article spreading fear here, but it raises some good points with the taxes, which would justify the conjectures in their fears.

The old Wallmart is 90,000 sq ft, not the 130,000 sq ft said in the video, though there is a tire center attached, so that would make it if they counted that too.


The fact that it’s here in Kalispell, and I’ve driven by it every time I go into town, there is also an Applebee’s near it too. It has a Ford dealership across the street also, does that mean that they are fulfilling their original Nazi agendas?

You have fears, unsubstantiated with facts, and they snowball into a long story full of holes, which is what happened with the invading of Iraq, to serve the public greed, and the greed is not stopped, but rewarded.

Lets get back to the abandoned Walmart being used as an extension of the County jail, it’s for jailing the non violent, which is a large number of them, though there are some that needs to be jailed.

With the rotten austerity measures going on right now, in these hard times and out of control paranoias, rather than a rational paranoia that deals with facts and questions, we judge by prejudice’s conjectures based without the facts, only our suspicions.


This is the real story and also by KPAX the news Channel.

I would use the pics of the articles, but I won’t be confronted with someone claiming copyright infringements… I like living in the boonies and leave people to live in their delusional little worlds too. You don’t own the image, you are stealing/copying from God. The Next time I go to town I will take a picture, because the watchtower is far from the real picture.

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