Onstar Offstar


Onstar Offstar

I went to check out cars today, to see about resetting the 6 CD, and realized the CD trays were empty, but I don’t remember taking out the CDs. I was embarrassed, because I don’t remembering removing the CDs, but that could’ve been done before, that I didn’t remember doing something…if I did, eventually I’ll find them and feel dumb.

Anyway, I wasted someones time, cause I wasn’t there to buy, anytime soon, but I didn’t hide the fact that I wasn’t interested in making a purchase that day.

I asked for the option of not getting the new technology, that I feel is forced on us.
(Please go to this link) I’ve seen enough technology conspiracy sites that I give merit too, and I feel if I don’t have the option to opt out, it’s being forced down our throats.

I’m a firm supporter of freedom, and the line of “safety features”, they’re using to sell the new technology, but I don’t buy it.
The biggest safety feature would be the option to not have it.

I’m a classic paranoid, stubborn in my views, but humble in my views too…where I only hurt myself, and eventually I succeed with the options, it may be after I’m dead, but I do succeed.

The number of Complaints of Onstar is astronomical, and all have to do with the customer service. The scenes in today’s movies, Horrible Bosses, was one that was funny and gave them the ending scene, where the Onstar operator was recording that caught Kevin Spacey in the lie.
Just because you don’t subscribe to the service, they have the power to activate it.

The car manufacturers are designing with packages without options, and they blame the politicians for imposing it on us. Obamacare, and the GM Autocare…I guess they came up with this during the bailout. That was about the time Onstar was made popular.

Well this what I found on the internet to disable it, they are in different places on the various cars, but this is the text articles, and one you tube video.

Whatever you decide, good luck!
I’m definitely unhooking the Onstar, or Uconnect on Chrysler systems, all the new businesses being opened up by further invading our privacies.

You don’t see the danger of it, and I’m not paranoid(that is questionable), but I’m cautious, I recognize the danger. It would be nice in a perfect world, but we all know this world is not perfect, and complacency is not the way to a perfect world. Complacency is the way of all fallen empires.


I found this in my Email today. I guess the thought of locking your car, these days with warrantless searches, is a mute point. Oh the old days, when we didn’t have to lock our doors, I remember those days…not in Brooklyn though.