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Freedom is distorted in my view, it’s becomes a self serving religion, denying everyone’s else religions.

The body of Christ is the makeup of all the Christian religions, each different religions may makeup the organs of that body. The organs are responsible of taking out the nutrients, and passing the hormones throughout the body. I don’t know all the bodily functions, but there are 12 systems that makeup the body.

Who says whether the different religions don’t serve a purpose, and we favor one religion over another, thus persecuting religions over and over again.

I think the Jews, Christians, and Muslims should have a party and everyone bite their lip about the differences between the faiths and glorify God, since we worship the same God.

Love each other first, that has pissed God the most about our differences, the fact that we don’t get along.

It’s the anger management problem of the human condition, mainly mankind, to sum it up.



There has been many differences in our interpretations of God. We look to explain something so vast as the universe, and we see different sides of the same God. God is Spirit, we should try and explain spirit.

Why there is such a difference from the interpretations of such a simple word. The problems we face from the politics, religions, and the numerous ideologies that we align ourselves to, is what we should try to clear up, cause that clarity is what we need to make sound decisions.

We don’t agree on anything, which is only making our problems worse, more cloudier.

The chaos involved with human spirit, we need to step back and take in the whole picture in, rather than the narrow views of the emotional filled with passions that are biased. If we fill those biases, then down the road, we find that those biases are filled already in the future.

It’s like the space station that is looking down on earth, they don’t see the wars and the political differences that are going on down here, they see a peaceful blue beautiful world.

We are witnesses to the chaos of politics, science, and religions on the human soul, first hand.

Our emotional adherence to the problem at hand affects our decision making with biases. The prejudice we feel in those biases, effects the rightfulness of our actions, or the wrongness in those actions.

We need to step back and assess the whole picture, and make an informed decision, not these incomplete misinformed decisions that has plagued mankind throughout history.

An Islamic State or an Orthodox State, I don’t see the difference, I see prejudice on both sides. I don’t see God at all in it.


“For in much wisdom is much grief, and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” – Ecclesiastes 1:18


Which sucks at the core, so trying to alleviate the problems only makes it worse.

Well we said we’d do it, whatever the cost, so we need to breathe and just do it… the key word is BREATHE or SPIRIT, I don’t know which, yet.