Fake WiFi Spots

— Fake WiFi Spots —


Looking for hot WiFi spots, make sure it is legit, I’m no expert, so don’t take my word for it, but there are many fraudsters looking to get ahead on your buck.



Have to check your mail? Make sure it is credible connection before you do.

There are many criminals out there that like to snoop/sniff/hunting for the innocent ignorant prey.

Just find a safe WiFi spot, it’s not safe anymore, now that the crooks got knowledge, there is a price for everything. When money comes into the picture, it’s like methamphetamine, it motivates even the laziest of people. Speed kills, and it hates to be alone in their misery.



The many dangers from accessing the web from free WiFi spots, has been a danger for over a decade now, but like the hacker numbers have grown exponentially, exponentially is the key word.

If you aren’t banking or providing sensitive info on your identity, then you don’t have anything to worry about, or is that true? The man in the middle of your connections doesn’t think so.



Safe surfing among the crooks and criminals! All hackers are not criminals, the hacker community goes through a lot of disinformation attacks that give them a dirty name, some hackers started some of the best security companies.

It’s like the white spy and the black spy cartoons from Mad magazine.

Some choose the white side and some choose the darkside, but there are no winners or losers, we all die and go where the mystery lives in this land of illusions. I’ve been seeking the truth all my life, and it seems to be scared of me, cause it constantly evades me.

I do you no harm, truth, stop running from me, and face your maker.

Sorry I digressed into a narcissism moment there … safe surfin to all!