Mirage Men

— Mirage Men —

 Mirage Men is a project by the Air Force to disinform the public to cover up the technical advances, but it’s betrayal of the people they are assigned to protect.

I saw this on Netflix and Amazon this month, it made me angry, that the people assigned to protect you, are in fact deceiving you, for the sake of their own egos.

It made me angry that they are distorting the truth, and claiming national security is the reason for the secrecy, as if the rest of the nation couldn’t handle the truth. A govt that isn’t truthful with its own people, is the people that will rebel, against their own govt, and put them on trial for someone treating us as stupid people.

I know there is UFOs and the Govt is keeping it secret from us. It must be the darkside that the govt is aligned to, they practice deception, as if its second nature, and show no shame for it.

The interesting thing this will not make you as mad, as me, but it should.

The demise of a society being deformed at will only to suffer in the future under ignorance, by then, it’s too late to do anything about it…you are slaves another cog in the wheel.

I understand the power hungry nature of mankind, and it’s living in deniability, so they don’t have to be accountable to the public, with which it serves.

Deniability is a dangerous road to travel, cause the traveler is not aware of his surroundings and starts to believe his own stories, in all the complacency that will be his downfall.

I’m getting weird now, so I better shut up…it’s for your sake too, I could get mad, and it only hurts myself.

When I see deception as a way of life, it makes my blood boil, cause truth is not at peace, it’s in a washing machine spin news cycle, that doesn’t clean the truth, it only distorts the truth for their agenda.

I’ll try to link to the whole movie, if it doesn’t work… I tried at least. With the way the world is today, there must be a data vacuum going one way, while you’re watching the movie, but I posted it for those who want to see it.

To play it, I let it load, and then pushed the play button…I had to stare at the spin cycle for about a min before it loaded.