Tomidjah’s Rant #5 – Counters

— Tomidjah’s Rant #5 – Counters —


I’ve been accessing counters, there are a number of them and they all have different accounts of the numbers.

I had to learn the unique visitor status and view status, I don’t know this and had to think about it, and after thinking about it, I’m more confused than ever.

It would be good if I had any programming experience, but alas I’m a dummy, and besides just the delete button is the fruit of my programming experience.

I’ve been flabbergasted with new terminologies, that has been renamed from old technology…the name has changed. It’s like carrying a new language each day, it gets heavy on the mind.

To get back to the counters, they count every robot that masks themselves as search robots/bots, but they’re imposters, and who knows what they do in the virtual world. Do they scriptualize the programs with scripts giving another number, cause they all give different results?

Is a counter secure or can anyone with programming skills, can manipulate the results at will?

That’s where the deception takes place, or an ego boost, but if it’s false then you lie to yourselves or some hackers lie to you. It’s false in the end, I would rather it be true, but I’m a dummy.

Wp Post Views Counter – is where I learned of unique visitors, and views.
Count per Day – gives the options to block out robots, and is a more graphical interface, and shows referrers too.
I have a general script counter that counts everything, a total of 4 counters and they all show different results.

So If I want to lie to myself for the sake of ego, then I’m happy… but then I’m battling spammers and sploggers, this is what I compare to a bad cold. Drink a lot of water and pee to delight, the fever will pass.

I wish it worked that way in the virtual world, but it doesn’t.

The days of basic HTML is long gone…now its scripts,CMS, and a list of too many to mentions improvements or complications, that needs to be determined by others who are more knowledgeable than me. I started this blog as a simpleton being attacked by the knowledgeable power seekers, which started out as script kiddies, but evolved into malware writers, there are those who went to light side of the Force, and does battle with the darkside.

That goes into the religion side of the force, the darkside and the light side battle for control of the mind. I like my mind to be free, and in my control…but with every deception on the internet today vying for control of your mind, I lost the battle more times than I liked.

I’ve been spun around so fast that I lost my bearings, and became so disoriented to the point of dizziness, I was a whimpering fool, and there are other times I became so arrogant with pride, I became like a roaring lion, but I didn’t hear the lamb’s cry inside.

The counter is a tricky subject to understand, it covers every hit whether it’s a robot or not, it covers tabulating robots or not, … till there is a median agreement to cover traffic with some normalcy and not deception, cause that’s seems to be the norm on the web…lies lies and LIES, and a little truth.