Media captors

Media Captivators

I saw this movie/documentary and I was captivated by it, the thought of media as an enemy and a savior, is reality to say the least.
Do you ever wonder why we would treat it, as a drug that we are addicted to, but deny it to our dying breath, “No, I’m not addicted to it” we say, but we watch it as the information portal to the world, as compared to the pacifier to the crying baby, so the TV to the adult whiner.

You decide while you watch the trailer…it’s the media you are addicted to… I’m sorry, I feel like a drug pusher.

We live by Facebook statuses taking over our minds, we live in prison cells or vanity capsules, we are captivated by our own mind’s fantasies or dreams.
Imagination goes a long way to captivating our time, or setting us free, it’s your choice.

I tend to think of it as something new, it will be a trap, or it will be an adventure. I’m a realist, but that’s a trap, the fact, as a label to define me.
I need the label to define me, or I can be me and don’t need to explain myself to anyone, cause once I choose to define myself, I’m already trapped…the mousetrap closes.

I venture out of the trap, and go on like it’s not there, then I live an adventure, but place warnings where I find there are traps, like an Indian scout in the old west days…such as an explorer of the new digital age.

It can be an addiction, or a deliverance, it’s whatever you choose. To be overtaken by anxiety, or delivered by rationality, it’s your choice.

It reaches into the soul, and you weigh out the truth or the lie, hopefully it’ll be the truth, cause then, you make an informed decision, rather than misinformed or disinformed decision.

Adjective: captivated
1. Strongly attracted
2. Filled with wonder and delight

Verb: captivate
1. Attract; cause to be enamored