Love and Lust

Love or LustLove and Lust

The separate entities that mask as each other, to confuse people.
Love is pure and follows principle, lust is raw and selfish and follows flesh.
They each have their own fuels compassion drives love, and passion drives lust.
This is the way I see it, you might have other views from a different perspective.

Love shares a line with hate, and the understanding is the fulcrum. Lust shares a line with compassion, passion, and selfishness, and passion is the fulcrum that you weigh between the extremes, this is my perspective.

I have a way at looking at things, that is strange to some, but I never impose or force my views on others, I only share, and you do with it what you will. You can make treasures or junk out of what I share, but it’s your perspective, I hold no ownership of your ideas.

Passion is lust’s link to love, and often is confused with love, with the rogue statement lets “make love”, to describe sex, which is the opposite of love, or a branch that connects to love. Its fruit tastes sweet, and it’s either a treat or a stomach ache.
I see everything as a mechanism, that’s the way I was raised, it’s what made sense to me.
Cause and effect, was the logic behind mechanics, and sex took on it’s own form in my quest to understand love.
Sex is separate from love, it’s a different entity, and it doesn’t create love with “making love”.
If you are in love then the sex is great and edifying, and is a treat, but when you’re not in love then sex is hard to digest, and is a stomach ache… or you just don’t care, then you are an endless pit of destruction, where everything that goes in disappears into forgetfulness. A glutton that will eat anything and digest it without a problem.

Something for you to think about love, and know everyday is another lesson to learn something about love that you didn’t know. Love is a vast subject, I mean vast as the universe… you think you know it all, but you learn something new about love everyday, if you seek it.
I’m just in love with love, I have no choice, no I correct myself, I chose love.
Love is intoxicating, if you get too much of it, and it takes your cognitive abilities like alcohol, and lust is like a drunk begging for change till the next fix, not bad mouthing beggars…cause some beggars need love to make their life better, but some beggars abuse what you give them and they’re not healed.

Song of Solomon 8:6
“Set me as a seal on your heart, as a seal on your arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which has a most vehement flame.”

This inspired my relationship with love, love is as dangerous as death is what I understood from this scripture. The mystery of the scripture, inspired me to look deeper into love, and I learned that we only know its most basic understanding of it… and what we know, couldn’t fill a thimble, with what there is to know about love.