Sucks living in this world

It Sucks

It Sucks

When I think what I’ve left for this world, I have no other words to describe my experience living in this world, “it sucks”.

The people capitalize on their deceptions, they speak as they’re telling the truth, but they only deceive themselves… cause eventually they get caught.
It’s like an IOU, eventually the debt gets paid, the truth will be revealed.

You have murderers taking power in war enterprises, and deceive many, but eventually they die too.

We are seeking immortality, and believe it’s attainable, but at what price? Our morality? Cause without our morality, we are already dead.

It sucks to be alive in the world today, when we are at odds with the politicians and the law, it’s like chains binding us in regulations, they say we are free, but there is a price for that freedom.
It’s like someone trying to sell you a swampland acreage for farmland, there is something wrong with that scenario, selling a farmland that won’t grow anything, but rice, if even that.


I’ve thought about it, and I’m sorry to say it still sucks… but that’s just me, I don’t wish it on you.

And still it sucks

Even Conan says it sucks… Finland and Sweden Sucks too

And with this song I say Good Night … ♥