Living off the Grid

— Living Off The Grid —

 Living off the grid is the hope of everyone. No payments to the utility companies, you own the water with your own well, and the solar battery backup is free.

It’s expensive and you need to live it, to eventually pay it off with what you save. Which might be a few years before you see the savings, it depends on your electrical usage.

If you live in an urban environment then there is the option to sell the surplus back to the electrical company. I don’t even know of the electrical systems or what is needed in the process of setting up an “off grid” home. I flunked out of the college course on electrical circuits this last summer.

You need a working knowledge of electrical systems, to setup a basic off grid home.

You need to start it and learn from your mistakes, or do the research and start it on your own without any mistakes. I guess you’ll be wishing you did something different, and learning again from your mistakes.

Search “off the grid” on youtube there are lot of youtube videos that will give the wrong way or right way of doing it.

You’re probably going to be expensive to transfer from living on the grid, to living off the grid, but in a couple of years you’ll find it’s worth it or not.

I like the idea that you can post a meter that will feed the electrical company, so that your meter runs backward.

Anyway whatever you choose, wind, water, or solar power, I hope it enriches your life, rather than drain your life.