Let’s Support the Party

— Let’s Support the Party, hmm I wonder where I heard  that before ? —



In the USSR they lived by that ideology, to support the party, which was reason not to celebrate in partying and good times.

The people decided they liked the freedoms of capitalism, that is a false freedom, that is masked behind the lies… but equates it with democracy, but democracy is not freedom… democracy is mob rule, no matter how you paint it, it’s sort of civilized which makes it orderly.

The politics of the world is like a giant spaghetti bowl, it’s full of cross dressing pasta, similar to the road system of London, where you have to buy a map to get around, or you are lost… without an A – Z map.

The world of politics is the same, it’s based on lies looking for the truth… which usually taints the truth and treats it as their creations, but they’ve only discovered it. They want credit for discovering it with the lies, of creating it. You could look over their claims, one example is the jobs factor, they talk about creating jobs, but that is the biggest lie of them all.


Capitalism is bad, when it’s run by greed, it’s healthy when it’s run by fair and free trade, with a healthy regulation of corporations, cause they’re not the people. The govt should protect the people from the dictations of corporations, cause they’re like dictatorial powers over the people… which is what we are fighting in all the global wars.

The injustices that are passed by dictatorial powers, which we villianize at every turn. Corporations are healthy when they are fair to the people, cause the people are the veins and arteries, of the makeup of the corporate bodies. When the people are treated fairly with freedom, the corporate bodies are healthy. Greed is the plaque that causes the clots, and the stoppage of flows to a healthy blood supply.

The party is nothing to party about… it is just a reflection of our failures… we continue to lie and live in plausible deniability, it is the road to self defeat.

We need to change in ourselves… not the money drug, but a healthy love, which feeds all the nutrients that we ever need to survive, but we are hooked to the money drug, like an addict.


Love is the natural way, we only know about 0.0001% of love’s properties, and even less of it’s power… but we enjoy being hooked on the addictions of capitalism… which is constantly fighting with corruptions and making it dirty.

Love is my vote, I find the votes for campaign lies doesn’t work, and never has, and never will.

It creates wars and it makes them happy, cause that is the jobs that they create, warring soldiers looking for peace through war.

Who does this makes sense too? I see no sense to this type of logic.