Israel and Gaza Strip mess

Israel and Gaza Strip


israel-159602_150I’m disgusted by this mess, it raises my blood pressure to the point of boiling…both sides think they’re right.
Netanyahu was born in Tel Aviv, so he thinks with all his heart that he has a right, but totally ignores the Palestinian right to the land too.

It no longer the days of crusades in the middle ages, yet we have the mind set of that time. Tit for tat, you do something and I will do this.

There has been so much blood lost in this battle, that I never see a resolution to this conflict, as long as the two sides refuse to see each other’s points of view.

Just send the bomb to do our talking, with that mindset we have a long long long way to go.
We have no resolution. I lost friends with my FB experience, and I’ve lost friends with this mess in Gaza,Syria,Iraq,etc… I feel like a turtle that wants to go back in his shell.

Cause all I say will piss someone off and I lose more friends, I’m rude to the point of telling the honest truth, I just haven’t mastered the graceful style of telling of the truth.
I’d rather be rude than a phony, and not tell you the truth.

We’ll see if my silence is graceful, inside I fall apart, but the gracefulness is on the outside.

560-580 Palestinian people were killed, since the ground invasion by Israel and 27 fighters of IDF were killed, at least 3 were by friendly fire.

I wish this would stop, and both sides sees their wrongs, but that’s what I wished all my life. Since it was going on before I was born, Israel was made a state by terrorism when they blew up the King David Hotel and killed 91 people. Maybe Netanyahu was born 3 years later, he forgot his forefathers were terrorists too.

Just warning people you are going to blow up their houses, or bulldoze them down, doesn’t wipe you clean from the terrorism you condemn. In my book you are a terrorist, to the most extreme. You have been riding the pride pony since I was born. Justifying your terrorism on the Palestinian people for since you were born in 1947 with mandate from Britain with the Balfour Declaration.
There is a history that we will never know about, with Irgun and Stern Gang, and the many Arab groups. There has been a series of wars and differences that go back to the crusades and beyond to the days of Christ, labeled the dark ages.

Hopefully, I won’t be so indifferent to those times by then, when the light will shine on our stupidities.

And we’ll see who is at fault to the world’s problems, we are one planet with so many nations trying to run the world.

Who is right and who is wrong?

How about each one of your nations, they’re right and then over time they’re wrong, but pride and nationalism get in the way of the acknowledgement of it. Which is the case in the middle east now, and everyone is blaming the other, but no one sees you’re all to blame. The east blames the west, the west blames the east, and the mid-east is the fulcrum where all our problems are weighed.

I refuse to post on FB till there is peace in the Mideast, mainly the Gaza/Israel debacle. I’m going into silent mode, I learned all the talk and connections is more disconnecting to say the least, and I need to meditate on it for a resolution in the core of my being/soul.

So no bad feelings, but I need a break from all this madness… I go deep into the dark silence and light silence, and become whole, or hope to.

I ‘m no Fan of Hamas, they are despicable to me as Israel’s IDF, but they’re both wrong and blinded by pride.