Reflection of Life


Reflection of Life: Overcome the Fear

music-38214_150I take the time today to take a reflection of life, and wonder why people don’t take me seriously, they are always saying I take life more serious than it is.
So I guess if I’m to be happy, I need a big helping of indifference, and feast away on that sweet dish.

The internet is the fast road to hell, everything that takes place on it is subject to the lies, and the truth is dead, which is hell living.
The cowards wrestle with fear to go on to cowardize the people and are led to slaughter.
You are not cattle!


Break out of the chutes for the weak minded, and put the fear into the ones leading you by fear.

We live in a world oppressed by fear, it’s like a big pile of people with the weak on the bottom, holding the world up for the lazy people who like to think like sick individuals, what can be taken from the weak at the bottom.
It’s a metaphor, I’m not crazy.

Fear is the birth of indifference, and then creates more indifference, with the constant fucking with your minds. It breeds indifference at a phenomenal rate.

Stop breeding indifference, it’s the sign of decay of humanity. We were a caring race before the wars against the truth, now we favor easiness over the work of revealing the lies. Don’t GIVE UP!

I found this video on youtube, it talks of fear as a virus, that has infected humankind.
How do we kill a virus, stop it from spreading…feeding an epidemic.

But I don’t agree with program analogy, it says we need an antivirus program… we are that antivirus program. It’s part of fear that we need someone else to make it better. We are the truth when we stop fearing the truth.