Imagine yourself without a Face

— Imagine yourself without a Face —


This birth occurred in 2003, and it is now 2014, so in March of this next year she will be twelve.

The thought of being born like this, I can’t even imagine, it would mean God is a sick being, but what do I know.

God is supposed to be loving above all, maybe there is a special love displayed here to Julianna, and I’m blind to it.

The Video was terminated by youtube

Maybe it’s the love of the parents and the siblings that God wants to perfect, in any case it is done, why question it. Love is what should be done first and foremost, it must’ve crushed the parents when someone suggested that she should be euthanized.

It would’ve crushed me, but they went on loving here and even adopted another daughter with same disease from the Ukraine that was abandoned by her mother.

The Video was terminated by youtube It was a blessed thing to give her a sister that had the same disease so that she knew what she was going through.

Treacher Collins syndrome is the disease that doesn’t form the bones of the face, it’s a genetic mutation.

It seems that the disease is unknown about the cause, by what I read of it.

Only 40% of the mutations are inherited. The remaining 60% are a result of a de novo mutation.

I copied this from the causes of the syndrome, and why it only effects the face is a mystery to me.

May the parents of Julianna and Danica, be blessed beyond compare, “God never gives you more, than you can handle”. You deserve the blessings of the saints in my book.

May Julianna and Danica bless you too, with the love you have shown them.

Here is another video of Julianna and Danica, I need to dry my eyes.The Video was terminated by youtube