Don’t Be Bitter or You’ll Need A Sitter

— Don’t Be Bitter or You’ll Need A Sitter —

I found the “When We’re Bitter”  song, and made a video of it.


clef-593912_640The bitter bitterness of breakups is a tricky subject to get over. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of anger, and as anger grows exponentially at the sign of the trap springing with rage. The stress on your body and mind becomes to unbearable to conquer.

I wrote a song talking about bitterness, and it’s exponential growth inside of the one feeling bitter, but I must’ve called it something else.

The song lasts for me once during the composing of it. I thought I called it “don’t be bitter”.

The song was about a breakup and the things we go through in our mind. I found the song “Love Survives”, it has the same message.

I’m not a performer, otherwise I would get angry, and change the lyrics, if I’m in a bad mood. Which just goes to prove my point, we all get angry and get hurt from breakups. We all lie wounded and yelling for help, or lie silently feeling sorry for ourselves, but the breakup is still in our minds.

“Love Survives” with backing vocals and keyboards by Lynn Voorhees… with the volume control on the player… jab rib at all the music sites equipping their players with no volume control.



I remember writing a song called “don’t be bitter”, but I must’ve called it something else, and forgot about it.

I also remember mixing this song “Love Survives” too, and I had a chore to retrieve it. Love survives all the attacks on it, cause I want to rant of all the trials I go through, but love pressures me not to do it.


So fight the bitterness that you feel, and don’t fill your head with angry judgments. It will eat at you from the insides of your heart, and it will destroy you and your innocence. It’s like the terrorists across the sea, if you fear them and get angry about them, they have already won. You’re angry and falling apart.

That’s what terror does. It makes you fearful and makes you want to run and hide. Well, the bitter bitterness is its distant cousin, it destroys the love by making you angry and vengeful.

We will need to call the babysitter to watch you, while you’re recovering from the breakup. You don’t need a sitter to be called. Unless you’re hopeless case, and you need one.


The best way to heal is the awareness of love. Love is not only sex. In fact, I still don’t know how that was made into love, but because I don’t understand it, but I’m not denying it.

It’s a way for two individuals to express their love.

Intimacy is more closer to love. Where you explore your interests, and the other’s interests. That intimacy will progress to more physical affections between each other, but sex is pure lust, and not love. I may be wrong.

I see that people truly in love have great sex, or just great lustful moments. Love is an action, for me, not a feeling. Love has brought me pains when I lusted, but love has blessed me with riches I never thought I deserved, so I’m somewhere in between on the whole love thing. It’s good and bad, like all things in life have right side and wrong side.

Love has its dual nature too.


It’s as mysterious as God is. It’s good, and we wouldn’t be alive on the planet earth, if it were absent.

So try to keep the love alive, cause it survives like the truth, but it can be scarred and deformed by all the lies, but it will shine in all it’s glory in the end.

Love heals always, no matter what you go through. The love of family, friends, and strangers will heal all your wounds, if you let them, or you can have a view like this.


I had friends that contributed to my songs over the years, I forgot their names, but I kept in touch with some of them. This song a number of them contributed to the backing vocals and instruments, mainly Gigi and Vance Wetmore, along with Eric Wetmore, Lynn Voorhees, and Mike McFee … there might be another individual or individuals involved, I just have a bad memory, it was over 23 years ago.

It’s Hard to Love Someone Like You Do