Drama Mamas & Patronizing Papas

Drama Mamas and Patronizing Papas

road-sign-273400_640Drama effects the mind like water effects the plants, the tainting of drama with the toxicity of sewer water will kill the plant or mutate it. Pure water will have a clear healthy effect.

If the drama is clean and healthy there are no side effects, and you grow up a healthy individual, and those who grow up with a traumatic and harmful drama is riddled with problems and side effects from the toxic nature of their traumas. It all evens out in the end, if you have the faith to get over the traumas and dramas.

Drama that is good and pure, will bear fruit and grow, but drama tainted with prejudice is dangerous, and will cause more judgments that may be erroneous, on both sides of the fence. You need a true heart and sincere desire to be loyal.

Drama can be petty and destructive, or it can be good and pure, I would rather drama be productive and bear fruit. Drama needs edge to be productive or by grace to be pure. Drama has a potential to be good, or drastically bad, when all you know is despair and darkness.

Understanding is enlightenment, where darkness runs away and despair is in the shadows, giving clarity to the situation, bringing the details more into focus. It will grow healthy and seek the light and more understanding.

Dramas that come uninvited into your life is someone in despair, and you know someone you can direct he/she to, to console their despair. Drama doesn’t have to be bad, if you have a calm mind to deal with it.

Now we’ll deal with patronization.
Patronization is polite and serving, but phony and condescending. It’s a mixture of good and bad all rolled up into one word, a walking contradiction.
It’s a business word, a corporation word and practice. Marketing word and practice, phony and polite. It doesn’t give reason for disliking it, it’s like Teflon coating on a pot, so that nothing sticks, no matter how high the heat.

It only serves those who use it.
I learned of it in the UK, their culture used it repeatedly, as a daily practice. I found it a welcome practice when it came to traffic rules, but overplayed when it came to social rules. It was so phony, but everlastingly polite, so it neutralized your anger.

I came from New York culture, which could be considered rude in England, but that’s my origin. I do consider most New Yawkers rude, at least NYC culture. It stems from over stimulation where they don’t come into eye contact , with people they pass on the street, due to Urban Overload Hypothesis.  There are a few who do, give a nod and say hi, but those are few and far between. Where in London it was just the opposite, it was over 20 years ago, since I’ve been to London, so maybe they changed, since globalization came onto the world stage.

This video is talking about the masks that the mentally ill wear, and are trying to deal with their lives. It is the birthright of Drama Mamas and Patronizing Papas, where they go after that will determine their path.
Will the drama mamas and patronizing papas be just moments in their memories, or painful memories that won’t let go?
Like a bug stuck in a web of memories… you’ll have to answer that for yourselves.