Rising star or setting sun

Music Rising Star


“The day passes and the sun sets, and night time is on us, and the stars fill the skies.

The music industry is a big black hole, it rips people apart while they suck in all the suckers.”

It’s a dark and depressing outlook on the music industry, but so true. The music industry is selling lies, cause it sounds good, nobody wants to hear the truth anymore. So many good talents get the cold shoulder by the music industry, cause they won’t sell their soul. They taint it with ego in American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and the Voice, etc.

It distorts what people sing about, the noise they create is just that, NOISE. You have to listen to a lot of noise, so that the noise level is high.

Music comes through with clarity when there is silence, all the music of today, it’s all prefabbed noise drowning out the music.
The heart that sings is now the ego that wants to please, so their ego can grow stronger. It kills the heart, so their ego can live.

It’s been that way for forever, at least as long as I’ve been alive. I fell into the EGO trap, and I didn’t have any talent, except the hunger for talent with work.
I disciplined myself with the work ethic, and fed my ego, till I got fat and lazy.
I could play the guitar, but not master it, I could play the keyboards, but not master that either. I was a sorry pathetic drummer, but a good percussionists, I sucked at singing, anyone who heard me could vouch for me on that, but I had the desire and the heart.
If I got any points for effort, then I was happy. I was stuck in the shifting sands of ego, cause ego has rough roads, and can beat you up, so that your vehicle is stuck on the side of a road, and you look like you’re in trouble and need help.

The bitterness that accompanies the ego trap, you have climb over that without getting judgmental, which is a double trap. It’s easier to get judgmental and say go to hell everything, but that doesn’t solve your problem.

The song dies with you, and you have no heart to sing anymore.  No desire to sing.

Which is something of joy and terror, bitterness is the terror, and relaxation is the joy, but there is always the restlessness in both,  the joy and terror, you are always seeking what you don’t know, at least for me. You might be joyous in all that you do, I hope you have faith, my faith was unsuccessful.

This song was about a guy on a bus reading the Megalopolis by Jean Gottmann on a Trailways Bus, and me running away from home, why I looked like I was looking for something, that this guy was telling me about it.
It discussed the eastern seaboard of the US being like a big city, when you leave one town you are entering another town. That was about 1974, I was in high school or I just graduated. It was a time in my life that I was looking for something, I wrote this song about around 1994, that makes it about 40 years ago.
The growth of back east grew exponentially, and still it grows. I thought this guy on the bus was crazy, but it all came true what this guy was saying, so I bought the book, and it’s like a reference manual rather than a storybook.



Well, I started this about the music industry, and was trapped by ego again, but I deleted the long boring story about my education in music, let just say it was nothing to talk about.
But rather than ending on a bad note about the music industry, which is a dark and dangerous power seeking fools, yet there are those who have been trapped in the sinking sands of ego, like me. Their hearts are bleeding from their hurt egos, cause hearts and egos go together in this life.

At least that’s the way I see it, I wanted  to end with a good funny note, and I found this video to sum up my view of the music industry.
If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ve been trapped by your ego.