Distorting Politics

— Distorting Politics : Delusional Realities —


distorting politics


Every form of distorting politics is littered with agendas, hidden and known.

Every new’s story is littered with hidden agendas, and only the shown, is what is known.

We have been distorting politics inside all of the new’s stories, all my life at least. There is so much, that we don’t know about the background story.


The background story is what encapsulates all of the hidden agendas.

The delusions live in the hidden agendas too, and they’re the focal point is of the background story. The story we don’t see.

Delusions propagate by sneakiness and omissions, they multiply by gossiping too. When one gossips to another of incomplete stories, that causes the delusions in the minds of the hearers, cause they’re left to speculate of the missing data.

Delusions are false beliefs. When you pass on those false beliefs, there is no better murderer of the truth.

Delusional quests to reveal this by blogging about it. How do you reveal delusional visions without sounding delusional?


Distorting politics is the major corruption of the system of things today. It incompletes the formulas that we use to come up with conclusions. We assume the outcomes with our impatience. We guess the data, that we fill in with formulas of the conclusions. If the data is wrong, then the conclusions are wrong too.

It only makes sense, that you fill error ridden data into the algorithms, then the answers are riddled with errors too. Which is why I hated statistics classes in High School, along with the debate class.

It was a battle of egos. The debate classes were egos voicing their views over another’s views. Maybe their view was another way of looking on the same subject. It wasn’t right or wrong, it was just their view. It was just their understanding. The most compassionless people joined the debate classes that were ruled by their egos.

The recent presidential elections is a sign of the distortions by those egos in the debate classes, and the parties are what distorts the politics. The candidates being pulled and pushed to satisfy the public, with lies that they’ll never think of coming true. Once the electoral process is over, the promises that they made, go into oblivion. Never to be seen or heard of again.


The distortions of politics has been going on, since I was born, and from what I hear, has been, since the beginning of the revolutionary war.

It seems the spirits of politics is always lying, and they’re unclean spirits too, yet we continually seek them to guide us. Power is a corruptible force, and always has been. We know that, yet we always seek power for them. It seems that what we find is ugly, and we seek to bond with them.

I hope we’ll be free from the dangers of the delusions of distorting politics over the next few years, in fact forever into the future of mankind’s political nature.

It’s better to cage the beast and tame it… than to be bitten by it. No one likes a vicious pet, but a friendly pet eats out of your hand, without biting it.

Politicians bite viciously.

Look at the campaign commercials, to prove that fact.