Democracy is like the Borgs on Star Trek

— Democracy is like the Borgs on Star Trek —


ballot-146322_640Resistance is Futile” You will be assimilated, we are Democracy.

Sometimes I believe I’m in a Star Trek: Next Generation episode, dealing with the tyrannies of democracy; dealing with the collective mind that is constantly at battles with their own thoughts, like a crazy person dealing with MPD Multiple personality disorder. I have a touch of that, but I don’t impose my views on you the populations of the world.

I would rather you’d be free, the way God created you.


Law and order, is the Borgs road to perfection, but it’s cold and irrational, which is not perfect in anyway.

You need emotions to fulfill perfection, otherwise it’s just another replicant counterfeit of perfection. It looks perfect, but it’s dead without heart.

Democracy is like a spoiled child when it’s not getting his/her way, then it’s a sore loser, and forcing everyone to hear the justifications of its way, and if you don’t agree then you’re too individual and free, and needs to be assimilated into the collective mind.

While they go blindly like lambs to slaughter… they feed you to the wolves that have the power.

The sharia law or the freedom law…who determines the law?

One we can all agree on? It’s not going to happen, that we’ll agree on all things with the law. It’s going to make someone unhappy.


If we were a fair people, we wouldn’t live with the pressures of the unknown, constantly blaming the unknown for the consequences of learning about the unknown… or we could be ignorant fools going on throughout this life, without a care in the world.

It will all work out for the best, yes it will, designed by those who care and are willing to learn about the unknown.

So we need caring people, who are willing to internalize their caring, and seek to understand the effects of laws on the people. That’s the birth of fairness, in the seeking to understand.

We create a mess or a beacon of light to guide the ignorant fools… well that may sound condescending, but it’s more like the good Brahmin story.

Voltaire’s story of the good Brahmin, happiness is had in ignorance, but the Brahmin wanted more knowledge.

From Thomas Gray‘s poem, Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College (1742): “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.

The different strokes for different folks mentality, the ignorant are breathing as the reasoning individuals are breathing. They’re happy being ignorant, and I’m happy being aware of this world, it makes me sad sometimes, but I know it will change in the future, which makes me happy again. It’s the impatience for change that makes me sad.


Long live the republic! Who determines the law that rules the people?


It’s a long road that gets narrower and narrower… until you can’t fit no more. You build a web of laws that sticks to your freedoms, and restricts and oppresses you. Liberties are dead in the web of laws.

They’re food for the spiders that cocoon their food/liberties for the future.

I find a purpose for everything democracy, and the rule of law, at different times, whatever is needed for a situation. Life is complex and the situations change, where democracy fits the hole to be filled, and other times republic rule fills the hole better and bonds more permanently.

There are many more aspects of the state, that are more complex… I see the state as a boat floating on the seas of society, and wars are storms making waves, and rocking the boat,  putting you in danger of sinking down to the watery grave.

Smooth sailing ahead!


I think this is our govt, what it has become, I’m not against corporate power, but it has a tendency to gain unfair power over the people, much like religions. The state is formed by laws to protect the people, and the separation of the state and religions, was a narrow view of the future.

Religions followed the prophets, and corporations follow the profits. The irony is ignored, the classic denials of mankind.