Nature is Amazing

— Nature is Amazing —


The thought of Nature is amazing, it’s filled with everything bad and good.

Mankind is included in that mix, and myself being a part of that nature, all I tend to see is the bad. I have a strong streak of cynicism, where the bad is magnified over and over again. I may be blowing the bad out of proportions, but that is all I see… rather than hate everyone alive, I need to view the other sides of nature, the good and the bad of nature plants, and animal kingdoms



The plant kingdoms is intelligence hidden, though it may be good for their existence, it is hard for our existence, without trial and error. We found out what is good for us for food, and pretty much know what’s good to eat, and which is poisonous, and we pass that down to our children.

Now the animal kingdom is a touchy subject, cause it’s in the human field, and it bears the same mistakes as humanity, as well as the insect realm.



Now the insects, which are causing me trouble in the greenhouse, I would rather repel them than kill them. The ants are the culprits that I would like to repel, cinnamon is a start. I should try and mix it with the dirt. I know the ants hate it.



Well, I need a break today, it’s hot and it is going to get hotter, they say a 101+ F (38.333Celsius) by Sunday. I hate heat, especially when there has been no rain, the grass is yellow and dry, this has been the driest Winter and Spring, I see forest fire danger in the future.

Already we had a forest fire, that was sparked by kids camp fires, it’s dry out there.