Democracy : is it the best ruling system?

— Democracy : is it the best ruling system? —



I think this needs another thought, I for one think it needs work. It’s being bought by the corporations for the sake of corporate laws, which are made by the govt. So that makes our govt a fascist state, or the correct term is a corporatist state, it seems milder than the devil of fascism.

If the votes are bought, then what good does voting do?

If the corporations think they’re people, the term I’ve heard more times than I like over the last few elections, then what does it do for the people. The people take a background stance to the corporations, cause they buy up airtime voicing their views, and we the people who are TV addicts, are susceptible to their ads.

Is it the rule of law or mob rule, is it a republic or a democracy?

Nowhere in the Bill of Rights is the word of democracy, or in the Declaration of Independence.

Freedom is equated with Democracy, but in total truth that fact is a misnomer, it is mob rule quickly taking freedoms away. Though it is majority rule, but if you’re in the minority then you’re oppressed. Tyranny comes in many forms violent and dictatorial, or oppressive and mildly passive, and if it isn’t violently dictatorial, then we take it with a grain of salt, and takes the form of mildly passive.

Here’s two videos talking of differences between a republic and a democracy.



I‘ll let you decide, what America is, but it never was a democracy. It was an oligarchy at first, the oligarchs were the founding fathers, they wrote the Constitution, a contract with the people. They dictated our beginnings, they tried to save face and please all of the people, but it never will be accomplished, it’s the road to depression to please all the people.

“Please all, and you will please none.” the point of the drowned donkey story.