Daesh-it #2

— Daeshit #2 —


There is some old stock footage from a couple of months, but this is supposed to be Daesh today


I want to start this piece on Daesh in Libya, it has begun with the power vacuum as their cover, as their masks covers their shames. It will be only a small time before the people stand up and slay them for their sins… God is Great, Allah Akbar… it won’t be long before this clot is relinquished to the flow.

The judgements are the clots where you don’t see clearly… the clarity of your judgments are filled with cloudy pride obfuscating your views.

You think you’re serving God, but you’re just spitting on God with the false flatteries, and staining God’s reputations. God, sits quietly while you disgrace God’s creations.

Daesh you’re under God’s scope, and God sees every thought that you think.

The time of your judgment is coming, where every nation will rise up against you, and join in united against one common enemy, that seeks to glorify your own purpose, and make every women look like a cousin Itt from the Adams Family, cause you fear her beauty.

You kill to strike fear in us, but you don’t see the scales fall from your own skin, and reveal your own faces and your own shames. You strike at the corruptions of mankind, and make your thrones a backward understanding that is filled with your own corruptions. Just replacing corruptions with your corruptions is like a gang of kids playing for King of Hill.

You know all the dick wagging for power will come under judgment someday, cause all the dick wagging will turn into castration waggings, where you will have nothing to grab and wag… and you will have nothing to fear anymore.


I’ve gotten the info from these articles about Sirte, Libya today. We got rid of one dictator that was converting to the gold dinar from the petrodollar… that was the real reason for the invasion.