Cyber Warfare

— Cyber Warfare :  The New Virtual Battlefields —



I‘m not that smart enough to ride the waves of hackers, also not that aggressive in nature either, but I’m aware of the sickness going on. It’s a case of the blinded pride, it has power, but it’s the populations feeling their way through the dark of a virtual world, called the internet.

It’s a strange world, people only looking for the gains, instead of the shelter from the pains.

The new battlefields won’t be spilling blood they are trying to open wounds through secrecy and scandals, pride is the new wounded and fatalities. The info is the new weapons, the truth and the the lies.

Either could be fatal, but the truth is the healer… the lies has temporary healing powers, but in the hands of the righteous or evil, they can be deadly just the same.

I’ve been owned by hackers, my PC, not me, I don’t know how many times… since they attack in secret, and they want to take over your computer. I might be owned now… I do what I can, to be my own person, but I’m not attached to my PC.

I mean the things I own, is not who I am, you can steal from me, it might make me mad, it might throw a stumbling block in my path, but it doesn’t own me. Well, me getting mad, might be me being owned, but that is my problem, and it will become the hacker’s problem, when we reach the end.

It seems is trying to hack my PC, or I’m just a paranoid schizo… but when it’s in my port monitor my PC goes into limbo.

The wars go on, without us even knowing about it… international wars go into the virtual world.

Eventually they’ll see war is a waste of time, defense is only a delusion that feeds the illusions of war. War would not exist, if we loved one another… but that takes time to be a reality. We always have to understand our own ignorance, without feeling threatened.

Understandings feed love… I’d rather be at peace with love.