Coding replacing Hardware

internet of things


With the new interconnection of the Internet of Things, the coding of the operating systems of those devices are replacing tubes that are autonomous with their mechanical nature. The coding is replacing the need of mechanics.

We bought TVs and they lasted 22 years, and you had to give it away, cause no one would want to own a 50 pound TV, when they could buy a flat screen that weighed only 16 pounds, for the same price.

I just bought the NVIDIA Shield, and wrote a very bad review, and the next day my TV went bad. It might be a part of the mechanics, but the coding rules the mechanics, and determines their workings.

I suspect the Android writers, but I can’t prove it.

Android is making its way into all the operating systems of the Internet of Things, so whoever is making the code, determines when we need to buy a new piece of equipment.

I long for the older days, it may have been primitive, but what you saw, is what you got.


With digitization of everything, it’s making the mechanical side microscopic/invisible

With digitization of everything the coders rule, and from what I’ve seen from coders, they’re the least likely to rule, at least from the moral and ethical side. I have a 37 inch Vizio TV that is ruled by the Android now.

With Google making their Chromecast a part of everything entertainment based, it’s a wonder why they would make a way to communicate with Vizio TVs without their code. Since the inception of Vizio in 2002, I never heard of them before.

Neither have I heard of Google before 1998, but after that they’ve been on the scene, not only with the internet of things, but other secret projects incorporated with Alphabet.

Here is Larry Page’s letter of the forming of Alphabet, cause they outgrew Google… much like the serpent shedding their skins.

Writing letters are a form of self censorship, I can make myself sound good and intelligent from googling everything, but if you met me, I would appear as a liar and a dumb fool, cause I don’t retain everything I write or google.

Google has a way of perfecting liars and unintelligent people with knowledge.  I remember getting expelled from paradise for that philosophy.

What do I know?  I’m a dumb fool. I bought the NVIDIA Shield, to prove it.


The Coders and the Mechanics Wars

Coders are the New Kings… being secretive is the new powerful, rather than destruction by might. Ruling from the shadows of technology with anonymity, is the new illusion. They’ll find out their new illusion is just another form of a delusion.

This is what I see in the world today… it may be delusional, but it’s what I see.

Coders conquering mechanics. Coders making mechanics their slaves… it’s a sad unfeeling world. Emotions are murdered everyday, where emotional genocide is the way of marketing manipulations. I’ve seen it  done numerous times.

There are many more things of the interconnectedness  of this world, but I needed a kick in the butt to write this… and NVIDIA Shield is that kick in the butt.