The Branches of my Mind

— The Branches of my Mind —


treehead2This photo I made 20 years ago, or about that, and was modeled from a  T-Shirt along those lines. That had an old man with the beard as the roots of a tree, and his brain was the tree. I was in love with that pic, so I modeled my face from a photo and layered a bunch of layers in photoshop, and came up with this pic.

I think I will use it for Tomidjah’s Rants in the future, instead of the eagle, I feel like I’m going blind, so I don’t see as sharply I did in my youth, nowadays, so I don’t feel right with my ego being displayed as an eagle.

I have a lot of branches/thoughts crisscrossing in my mind tonight, and I’d like to share the views of them in my mind tonight.


This first is a story of poverty stricken kid that makes a wish, that he wished he didn’t make.

Lets ponder that scene, and reflect on making judgments of people, who you never met, and summing them up with everything you collected data from them on the internet, and are left with your assumptions and speculations to deduce the strategy that you want to take them down into the hell you imagine.

I can assure you are more wrong than right, and you make assumptions on error ridden data, you journey into an exponential growth spurt into a dismal end. Beware, I made that mistake when I was young.


 Well, lets cross another branch that was grown tonight, me and my friends were like this in my younger days, not to the expertise of these individuals, but close enough, in my mind at least.

This was a day in my youth that I want back, but alas that’s the road to depression, and I would like to spread happiness, not complacent happiness. Awareness would be a better word than happiness, cause awareness brings happiness.

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.”


 And now with an educational branch on the functions of the  liver with a TED video.

I’ll leave you with that to reflect at your own pace, I’m only sharing what grew with me tonight, I’m only sharing with what made sense to me or I got a smile from, I’ve grown many branches of confusion that I excluded from the sharing.

It’s a dark world, and it’s a light world, like the Taoist said about the yin and yang they are the driving forces in this world, they don’t always having to be warring though, they could be expending that energy on being at peace, rather than pompous stupidity.

Freedom is still a dream that has yet to be achieved.