Blocking IPs

— Blocking IPs and losing functions… —


Ghost spam where they don’t have to invade your space on the web, I just found out about it, just yesterday. I ended up blocking a ghost spammer, and I got back the functions on a youtube player, where all the the buttons came back… only to disappear again this morning.

I’m being attacked like somebodies sick game, I know about it now, so everyone else knows about it now.

Ghost spammers beware, cause I didn’t join your game, and you’re now known to be my enemy. The more I found out about you the more you lose, and each bit or byte is another thing you lose.

You may take these things as veiled threats, but they’re not threats… threats are things that will occur, if you don’t follow my will. They are veiled warnings, and I let you see the warning through the veil, so you are not surprised with fear. The term karma and you reap what you sow comes to my mind.

Well I’ve gotten what I wanted to say out of the way… now some info of Ghost Spammers.


I spent 3 hours of getting frustrated with Google Analytics and the complexity of the way it’s setup. I guess it’s that way for security purposes, but I would  have designed it more intuitively. I’m a friendly guy.

Well, I found a host of articles on Ghost spam, they don’t have to visit your site, they skew google’s reports with a bunch of data that’s false, and from what I understand from Google, they are just as pissed as me… well more reserved than me.

The SEO companies are like drowning people in a sea of confusion, and looking for the more confused to act like a float for them to survive. They cause chaos to supply their power and use false data to further their dreams. I’m a dumb putz with a loud keyboard, when I see a wrong being committed.

The following articles tell how to setup the filters in the Google Analytics under the ADMIN section, I don’t know why, I had a hard time finding it.

Maybe I skim too much and miss details in the blurs.


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