FB steals from YouTube

— FB steals from YouTube —



I‘ve been trying to understand what Google is building buying YouTube somewhere in 2006, and claiming ownership of other people’s creations, and FB trying to break into the streaming service and stealing Youtube videos.

All this ownership without ownership rights, it’s more mutual agreements with a reluctance as a sidekick. I may be the biggest loser of all, but I don’t own anything, this house and land is not mine, but if it’s not mine, then it isn’t yours either.

I caretake it, as a caretaker. A steward of a piece of property, and do the best I can… but in my mind, I don’t own it.

That way, when God calls me, I go without reservations and wants, and not to remain in this painful world.

I hope without regrets… but I’ve been bad at the core, only to myself… I never did any harm to others willingly… though some women would differ with me on that.

I can’t help what goes on in your mind.


Anyway, the thought of video ownership is in fact of the creator,  Youtube claims ownership on how long the trailer is in their trailer park, it’s free, you don’t pay rent. The way it was designed to be, but somewhere along the way, the egos got in the way, and they distorted the reason for Youtube.

I’ve been watching Youtube since it began, I think I joined it in 2011, and was amazed at the beginnings, but quickly saw the manipulations of Google ruining the core principles of the youtube founders… but they bought it, and I wasn’t privy to the agreements, so I don’t know, I remember reading about leaving it free.

They did that, at least.

Youtube and FB are raping society and are stealing videos at their whims… you claim ownership and you’re not the creator, then you are just a thief…it’s called business.

Free market capitalism, where everything has a price… and nothing is free.