Jade Helm Madness

— Jade Helm Madness —


Operation Jade Helm is real, USI‘ve seen this outline for madness in the news for over a month, so I gave in last night, and tried to understand the hype, and I’ve seen that this is the plan for martial law, linked to Europe and the NWO… it is not a person, which I hoped it was.

The madness, is twisting the truth to serve the madness, like a snake eating its own tail, it means individual destruction, there is something else going on that we should look at, and Jade Helm is just a distraction.

Look over here, while I do this.

It could be the economic mess in the world, with the austerity measures to bring the heat off of the bad management of the European Union, and the West’s economic problems too, well the global mess, since we’re all in this together.


This guy gives partly my perspective on the whole Jade Helm thing, I see it as another distraction, as all tabloid news articles are a distraction, and are put there to divide us, rather than unite us.

That’s why I looked at the headlines for months it seems, and thought I could wait to find out about that person, when in fact it isn’t a person, it’s an acronym for a plan of martial law that is supposed to take place in July, when in reality it is the biggest division of this country.

JADE = Joint Assistant for Development and Execution
HELM = Homeland Eradication of Local Militants



The hype of the conspiratorial nuts says that it’s really happening, and the complacent nuts say it is for our own good, I say lets gather our nuts and weigh them with a rational mind for the truth. The madness thrives on the emotional mindset.

This is the PDF link of the Jade Helm practice and another one on the workings of redeployment, it has a lot more info in it. It may be disinfo programs made up by the intelligence organizations to waste time as a decoy for the cyber public.

I see it as a practice that needs to be stopped peacefully, or the terrorists win, what was once a war on terror has transformed us into fear mongers. What was once a free country turned it into a fear monger central nation, that starts wars at a drop of a hat, and is always looking for a fight, just like the terrorists we fight.


So my questions are, what is so different about the terrorists, and US war machine? We conquer not for peace, but spreading the ideology of war, which is the terrorist’s ideology?

Now with the Jade Helm hype, it’s crossed into our borders and raises the fighting with each other, so the goal of the terrorists is victorious. When we become like, what we are fighting with, then we are lost.

We label states as hostile, it is the terrorists winning with our fears or bombs, I’d rather die quickly than to die slowly thinking we’re winning. Why lie to ourselves, we know we’ll eventually die, or become a transformer in an illicit universe. Though transformers are cool, they don’t feel… though by Hollywood’s standards they are sentient beings. They can be virtually, I guess.

This is a PDF about the Jade project, it goes into more detail. I learned the Rome,NY (Griffiss) AFB, became the Air Force Research Lab in 1997 when they closed Griffiss AFB, NY, that was my old Base in 1977. I learned it was still open for research and under the govt control today, I always though it was turned into a private airport, and the ones who dreamed up the Jade Helm project along with the other Air Force Research Labs around the country, it might not be an Air Force idea, but the links are back to them.



It looks for the cooperation from the local communities, it decides for the community which infringes on our freedoms, so I can see the conspiratorial nuts blowing it out of proportions, and making more out of it than it is, twisting the truth to serve their agendas. It’s the media that is responsible with the twisting of the info to suit their agendas, they thrive on conflicts, and when it’s harmonious then they are unhappy, they start to deteriorate.

I can see the other side in preparing for this mess, but not the way they go about to make this happen, with the Jade Helm project are playing at good and bad states, raising a divisiveness in our country.

Divide and conquer” comes to my mind, so I’m against the Jade Helm project when they actually look to practice it, leave it in the virtual world don’t make it in the real world, or I see it as happening. There is a saying don’t go looking for trouble, it means you’re looking for it, so don’t be surprised that you find it.

Think of all the drills that went on 9/11, and we’re surprised that 9/11 happened, and that not mentioning the missing 2.3 trillion of dollars that pentagon’s defense industry doesn’t account for on 9/10/2001, the day before 9/11/2001.


If they want a civil war, then they got one, when you prepare for one, it usually happens or you get frustrated for it to happen, and create another false flag.

I’m retired from this madness, I’m already mad, and you can’t change that. You have made the US constitution a worthless piece of paper, a symbol of pseudo freedom that died just after the American revolution, when they made a central bank of the US, Andrew Jackson knew the evilness of central banks looking for money and power, and refused to renew their charter while he was president.

As the numbers grow bigger, they grow exponentially in quantity at the same time, when you add a zero you are multiplying by the previous number by a thousand… and as the numbers grow bigger, so are the quantities growing at an exponential rate, when you go from a billion to a trillion, it doesn’t seem like much, until you look at the massive quantity difference. A billion times a thousand, is a trillion… I wonder when we progress to quadrillions, what we’ll use to visualize the exponential growth.

You have to understand exponential growth to understand what I’m saying, when you increase the bit depth of the computer languages, you increase the values you can assign, each bit 0 or 1 which is the binary values of a bit, on or off, and it increases the exponent that’s assigned to the numeral 2, for example this would be the exponential from of 32 bit code giving you over 4 million of values (232), where as 8 bit code (28) has 256 values to assign, which is the ASCII keyboard code… I’m so far off on a tangent here… but hopefully it gives some clarity to a confusing subject.

I lost my math skills, after the stroke, but I see the differences. It just confuses me otherwise.


Anyway this JADE HELM is just a distraction for what’s coming, it is defeating the US constitution, with war games on US soil involving the public, rather than secret on a base. It’s like a peacock displaying its colors or wanting to fly… or like the detectives in this movie who jumped off the roof and died, I’ll wait till we display that same stupidity and lose our freedoms.

The US is like a bad movie plot, it would be funny as a movie, but in real life, it is a tragedy.


“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.”
Sholom Aleichem



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