Aspects of Love

— Aspects of Love —




Love is like a liquid, it could be drink for the thirsty, and a wash for the dirty… but it’s not the sexual liquid love.

It knows, no borders, and it seeks the first opening that it can squeeze through, because of its liquid nature.


“Love doesn’t die with death. Love is like liquid; when it pours out, it seeps into others’ lives. Love changes form and shape. Love gets into everything. Death doesn’t conquer all; love does. Love wins every single time. Love wins by lasting through death. Love wins by loving more, loving again, loving without fear.”
Kate O’Neill


Love can be an acid too, with it’s impurities that form in the obsessions and the distortions, that raise the toxicity levels of the love. Love can be poisoned too.  So love is good when it’s pure, it’s hell when it contains jealousy and the like.

Love can be a flood too, you can be overpowering with love too, you can wash someone on the shores of therapy to addictions, or you can drown them for no reason with the obsessions, but please control your love, or it won’t be what your love was meant to be.

Passions are the thermostats of love, the more passion you have the more intense the heat of the love, the more indifference you have, the more colder the love. I’ve been told, that I give the cold love, and I can see how they got that idea, when I give the warm breeze they get scared.

Your thoughts are the fishes in the sea of love, some are monsters and some are tasty and give you strength. The strengths are the understandings of love, the toxic monsters are the predators of love causing hardships and heartaches.

You can fill a water-gun with love and shoot little spouts with saying “I love you”, or you could fill it with another liquid that isn’t pure love, and say “I love you”, but that isn’t heartfelt and causes heartache/heartbreak.

Love has nothing to do with sex, though love is felt in the sexual act itself, but it’s between two people in love already and they have sex, there is a danger with mixing love with sex, cause you feel the intense feelings in sex that crosses the emotional boundaries that define love. You need to check that you’re not obsessed into thinking that you’re in love, cause that’s where the heartache is.

Life is a chore, I work at everyday to understand it… even though I don’t work. I love this life, except for the disability, but I love living life and have the opportunity of freedom.

Trying to figure out what freedom is, it’s different for everybody, freedom to me is growing what I want to grow, and saying what I want to say, and putting in my body what I want to put in my body… if it’s delusions, then when it’s reality, I won’t laugh at you.

Well this is my sharing with you, my enlightenments about love, so I’ll get back to love.

And be silent … so you can think about love for yourself…it’s in your mind already, you have to nurture it and cultivate it with your own understandings.