Anger Management

— Anger Management : Managing anger into a mild boil —



Like the simmer dial on the stove of emotions, you need to stop boiling over… I know it’s hard to do. I live for the moment which is unaware of the emotional control, well for me anyways.

I wish I could control my anger, but it’s inside hidden away from the world, and beating up the insides of the soul. When you punch walls instead of people, where you beat up your organs and causing bloody insides. The stress is taking the toll on your insides.


I could preach the way of conquering the anger, but I don’t know how to do that yet… I’d rather be aware than sedated with philosophical tricks… meditation, new age music, etc. … they’re nice treats, but I would rather be aware then treat myself to a drug trip… which I view as unnatural, it’s more like an addict.

Not to dis anyone that believes in Yoga, it is a form of religion, a series of beliefs. I seek the true religion, the perfection of the human soul. Which has been sought through the beginning of time to today, and it’s the problems we face today in the world.

We have technological priests, preaching of the new tech toys with their commercials and the like. We have religious extremists speaking of their religions condemning the other religions, and forgetting the commandments of not judging each other.

I’m at a loss for why I try to rein in my anger… it’s always a full downpour of rain with anger yelling at the top of my lungs.

Why do I try? I guess I’m not dead yet, so there is something I have to learn.

I just wish I wasn’t blind with pride and anger.