43 Israelis refuse to serve

— 43 Reservists refusing to serve in the occupied territories —

 Israeli Reservists refuse to serve in occupied Palestinian areas

This was written 3 days ago, but I only heard about it today. It needs to be center stage in peoples minds or we become the terrorists. IS wins, Hamas Wins, the Zionist wins, and humanity is the loser.

I’m not telling you like a dictator, I’m pleading with you as a messenger of rational thought. I get weaker with every plea.  You have to realize it and become aware of it, on your own or it’s me chanting for nothing. You have to initiate the chant, heck you do not need to chant, you need to be sane and make your own decisions.

Rationally speaking, this is the first step towards salvation realizing you’re wrong.
I know, I’ve done it over a thousand times, maybe even a couple of thousand times. I’m not a counter, so the thought of counting my wrongs is a mute point, just know it’s more than I’m right, but when I’m warning it’s 90%+ I’m right.

We need to rationalize everything we do, it’s reason that brings understanding to the heart and mind, so that they’re in agreement. It writes it in the heart and mind, so that you know.

Like when God said it would be written in our hearts, the law, that no man need preach or teach. I don’t know where it is in the bible, but if I remember right it was in the old testament.

While searching through the old testament I found this in Jeremiah 17:9
“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

It seems there is more trust in the heart these days, the heart is led by emotions and drama, and we know more dramas are based on lies, or in Hollywoodese  scriptural exaggerations to make it exciting and interesting, to hook the audience.

The heart is the tool that the liars want to manipulate, trust your heart, but don’t always trust your heart, if your mind objects. Listen to the mind too, not only your heart, when they are in agreement, you can best hope for a 50%-50% chance that you’re right.
Life is a chance opportunity.

Knock, Knock