Anticipation of Memories

— Anticipated Memories —

 Through Photographs we experience the anticipated memories, this guy is full of ideas…or gets them from his readings.

I always looked at photos as capturing the past, and they are left behind to carry on our legacy to the next generations.

He brings up “anticipated memories”, which is a different look at photos then the one I anticipated, so I’m left in awe.

I was going to comment on this idea further, but my head is filled with headlines of blood and rolling heads. So I look to stifle the memories. When I look at the headlines today, all the wars and suffering that are man made, I get so depressed.

I don’t want to depress you, I’d rather have anticipated amnesia right now.

I think it’s fascinating too, it’s rich in the present or terrible in the present, and my head right now is in terrible memories, that would depress a clown.

People say, I take things too seriously sometimes, they’re probably right, but I don’t want to instagram the thoughts in my mind right now, not even for me.

I like my life, but there is the connection with politics, religions, and philosophy that I would like to erase out of my life than anticipate the memories of them.

No matter where I turn, it always brings me back to the wall of sadness, I wish I could take a picture of it, it’s covered in blood, poverty, and injustices globally, and mankind is the cause of it.
So you try and look at it and smile.

I anticipate an ending of this post, but trying to end it on a positive note while you’re looking at the wall of sadness, is a struggle to say the least.

Anticipation is a struggle, I would rather deal with life as it happens, but anticipation is a part of life, the squirrel anticipates a rough winter and gathers his nuts, the deer anticipate a rough winter and ravage the garden at the end of the summer, so I need to get done for winter the things I need to get done for winter, cause I anticipate a dark and cold winter.

Cause it could be gone in an instant,  but “we deal with it” whether it’s good memories or bad memories…hopefully everybody who knew me has good memories of the fact.


Lets leave you with this song, it covers the things I wanted to say, not in the right way, but Christina Perri says it in a song.


“We… anticipate what’s to come, then ignore what’s actually here.”
— Stephan Rechtschaffen