World Peace…

Morrissey – World Peace is None of Your Business


I‘ve been working towards world peace all of my life, and what I thought before I voted for the first time in 2008, I’m going back to let the world die peaceably… NOT.
But as he says it’s when we vote we are only supporting the process, not fixing the mess, just sticking a new band aid or patch to stop the leak. The leak continues, and whoever is placed in the place of who was there before, they don’t fulfill what ever they said was going to be fulfilled. They compromise their integrity for the sake of the corporations, cause they supply the wealth that greases the wheels of progress.

I like a clean machine that doesn’t need grease to run smooth, and the political machines of today is filled with corruptions that make the machine run into the entropic wall, with lies and goals that will never be fulfilled, and be forgotten to be seen no more.

REST IN PEACE world, and live with your mess… we should have the option to opt out, without the pressure to stay in.

It’s a sin that I will not forgive