Well I managed to move the site…well not fully

I choose to backup with extreme habits… back up , back up, and back up.

We’ll see if I have better luck at SiteGround.

The tech support is better to say the least, they at least give you the low down first.

Well, we’ll start off with a youtube video… I just saw this tonight… I concur with his voice, find the solutions, and not the condemnations.
His over optimisms are bit dangerous, it causes complacency, and you know complacency is the road to accidents, and not careful plans.

But he makes some good points, but I saw him make some bad points too…

I need to pick a theme for this page … I’ll come back tomorrow and work on it… it piggy backs on siteground servers, and the editing is not so crisp. I need to check on the back ups and see if I can make one.

Good Night ♥