Web Security : A personal blog entry

Web Security

Backing up has become a nightmare of steps, it carries an increase in byte size, for no reason except  web security from hackers.

We seek security from our brothers and sisters, what the hell has this world come to, rather than getting better this world is getting worse. No one trusts anyone, which is a sad world, more like that movie from the 60’s “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” someone confessed he buried a treasure under a big W in a park, but died in front of 8 motorists and passengers in 4 cars, and the whole movie is the motorists not trusting each other in searching for the big W, each his own and only looking for themselves.

This is a piece of video from the movie It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, it covers the madness of a world which only values money like it’s a God, and we know that is a sin, but we go one and sin wildly. It’s the only way I can make sense of this world.

Web security is guarding the money principle, cause that’s all we value, like our dying last breath.

If we believe we live forever, then why guard our possessions like they will live forever too. We can’t take it with us, unless you believe, you can create it where you are going. What ever your motivation to believe what you believe, I believe that your religion is between you and God, and not imposed by another man of flesh and bone.

God sent his son, to be an example for all to see, and still you start wars and kill for pleasure.
Love, you laugh and mock at, and you love money and crime, which is a sign of a hypocrite and fool.
You say you are Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, and still you kill your brothers.

It’s about time every hacker should wear the badge of honor and do good to all the people, I know that will never happen, as long as people choose to honor money over life.
They say the “love of money is the root of all evil“, well I agree, everything wrong in this world has at its core money or power. The world is full of prophets or wannabe prophets, telling you what to do.

I’m that fool, but I’m not afraid of the truth, cause the truth is merciful… it’s the spirit of God.
The way I see it we are all going to die anyway, but we should seek the eternal life through medicine; but there is the money principle that we have to deal with.

We should seek the betterment of the world first and foremost, but the indifference growing like a black mold is causing allergies to the healthy and making people lethargic, so that they don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

This turned out as a rant, instead of about web security, but at least I gave my view of web security… it’s one perspective you haven’t seen before.

“The Web was never built for privacy and security,”  — Austin Hill

It was built more for revealing the flaws of society.