The War…the Movie

The War

I watched this movie last night and I went to sleep and thought of a scene I saw, which I forgot it or what it was about.

I needed to make a note, when I thought about it, but laying in bed, or I was dreaming when I thought about it, well it was life changing, I just forgot about it.
I spent the day trying to find the scene. To no avail, in the end, plus I don’t know what it was about, it was Kevin Costner talking to one of his kids, but I saw all the close talks, and I think I dreamed of it.

The War is about a Vietnam War Marine who came back from the war all messed up mentally, and couldn’t hold a job. He was seeking to do good by his family, in Mississippi in the 1970’s. Anyone who grew up at that time knew it was a different time, as far as civil rights go.



He got three jobs and lost all three of them, then he got a 4th job with the school as a janitor, and after a week he lost that job too. Remember it was a different time in the seventies with all the civil rights movements. I was a kid at that time, so I wasn’t into all the messes in the world, I was too busy with growing up.

He got a job working with someone in the mines, which he got hurt in.

This was one of the touching scenes in this movie, there are many more. It is worth it to see this movie



Here is the movie trailer, again I say see it, maybe you’ll give me what I must’ve dreamed last night. It was a parable spoken by Kevin Costner, but nowhere in the movie I found it, so I’ve come to the conclusion, I must’ve dreamed it. All I know I woke and wanted to share, but no where I could find it, it was a only supporting my views of war.
Which I’m dead against, as all who take part of war are… dead that is.




Speaking about real war in the Gaza tonight the death toll from the Israeli ground invasion 649 Palestinians and 31 Israelis, when does it end? The UN is holding Israel for war crimes, and Hamas too.

War is murder, as many have said, so I’ll try a little propaganda too, and repeat it over and over till you get the point. It’s cold murder caused by anger, and impatience. It’s easier to pick up a gun, then make a clear and precise point.