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The Diverse Interconnected World

diverse interconnected world

— The Diverse Interconnected World : A Convoluted Mess —   The diversity of the world could be a convoluted mess, or a more complex intricate beauty. It came into my mind today when I looked at this video about Portland cement. I saw everything was interconnected with each other, about the thousandth time in …

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Understanding Fertilizing the Crops


— Understanding Fertilizing the Crops — 10/21/2016 I‘m no expert on fertilizing. In fact, I had to study a lot over the last few years about Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. There are also many trace nutrients that I had to study too. I forget them though, as soon as time goes by though. If I …

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Zombie Bees

Zombie Bees   I saw this bee movie and now they have an enemy, a “zombie” Phoridae Fly which lays eggs in the bee, and the bee leaves the hive at night, and goes and dies, going towards the night lights like moths. An article of the Bees dying ABC News Article saying the bees …

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