Google wants to battle the Trolls

— Google wants to battle the Trolls —




Google battles the trolls, and wants to pay you for your failed patents, out of fear for the trials in the future. It sounds noble, but I generally don’t trust anyone… but that’s a stressful position to be in. I always trusted too easily and was ripped off at every turn, I thought it was my indifference for money, but it was everyone’s greed for money that was the problem.

I found money doesn’t solve problems, it’s inside of yourself that you find the solutions.

The trolls are motivated by the greed principle, and I think Google is too, which would make it in danger of becoming a troll. Whatever their motivation, they want the plans of your patents. I’m guessing to inspire the great minds that Google has been fishing for since the end of the 90’s.

Google Patent Fishing the rules are here. (update Google’s Patent Rules are no more)

I don’t believe in patents, I see it as a host of parasites, I see it as a benefit for the inventor which is just, but then the parasites conglomerate around the invention and look to benefit from somebody else’s idea, which is the road to corruptions. These are just my judgments however shallow or narrowminded you see them, they’re the truth to me.

Patents need reform, they were designed to serve the inventor, but it sold the idea to the people, which in turn took the invention, software, or idea and corrupted it, some with new inventions on the old idea, which I guess Google wants to do. It’s looking for inspirations to it’s army of minds.

Here’s the Patent Agreement with Google (update Google’s Patent Agreement is no more, or maybe it’s hidden)

Inspiration is good, but not if it’s closed minded, and it’s put in a box never to be seen again, or to protect the inventions of Google, which will be sold to the public at an enormous amount of money. I see it as battling trolls, but benefiting Google too.

So if Google becomes a patent troll, is the battles of trolls over, or is it just beginning?