Good Times

— Good Times —


I feel like singing about the good times, and play every song singing about the good times for this post… I won’t write much I’d rather think about the good times in my life, and ponder till there be no more pondering.

I see trouble in this nation on what scale, it seems blurry… It may be everything falling apart a total collapse of sanity and rationality. It sucks when you give up your sanity and surrender to fear, and surrendering rationality for the sake of fear’s reflexive actions is an impulsive act, one that’s shown to be no good.

When we give up reason for cowering in fear, no one will be happy.

Well, this is my song for Good Times, it’s not a good recording, and there’s many more Good Times of my life, it’s a bit esoteric…or it might not be, if you had the same thoughts.




This song from the Dave Matthews Band inspired this post, it’s a song about his visiting his old friend and singing about the good times tonight.




This song is by the Jacksons, who doesn’t lip sync well, in fact It gives me a good memory of Michael Jackson when he sang the “Man in the Mirror”




Who says the disco days were a drag, it wasn’t my type of music, but it grew on me… I went to the discos, but I couldn’t dance, but I had good times there.




Cassadee Pope sings , it starts off shaky, but by the end I was trapped thinking of the good times, it was where I wanted to be trapped eternally.




Finger 11 came up with this song about fighting negativity and think about the good times




The Grateful Dead – Let the Good Times Roll




RIP BB King … Let the Good Times Roll





The Persuasions – Good Times




The Cars- Good Times Roll





Edie Brickell and New Bohemians – Good Times